Where in the world is Codmen Sandiego? Philly. That’s where.

Emmy made her way to Philadelphia and we left the city and headed for the beach.


Emmy loved building sand castles and swimming in the fine New Jersey surf.  
After all of that excitement, a nap was very much needed.
All vacations must come to an end, so we headed back to the city with the Philadelphia Half Marathon on our minds.
Emmy was the perfect motivational running coach, and came to the finish line to see her hard work pay off.  
photo (21)
While there Emmy insisted on taking in some of Philly’s sites.
photo (23) 
With her favorite being the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  Who know Emmy enjoyed the finer things?
photo (22) 
Thanks for hanging with us Em, enjoy your next stop.

Ummm, I thought you had a stalker…..

Adam gets home from work before I do, so the day the cod arrived, I got a text from him that went like this:

Adam: What is this?

            Me: THE COD, I THINK!!!! YAY!!!!!

Adam: Ummm, I thought you had a stalker…..

Well played Em!

When I got home, I quickly introduced Emmy to Mackenzy and Layla. Mack thought it was the greatest thing and wanted to make Emmy feel at home by making fishy faces.

But Layla….well she had a different opinion of Emmy.

That night we also took Emmy for a trip to Rita’s. Mackenzy even shared her gelati!


Emmy became an Eagles fan at our Fantasy Football draft this year.  She even got to spend some time with City, Em and their girls!

Next up for Emmy was a trip to the mountains for Labor Day weekend!  She got to meet some old friends while sitting by the lake.

Mack and my niece made sure she was well fed.  Worms are delicious, yo!

The girls love making fishy faces.

And while Emmy became and Eagles fan on this visit, she also likes the Steelers!!!

We had a lot of fun with Emmy and Mack was sad to see her go, Layla not so much. Lol

After the mountains, Emmy went on a trip to the Jersey Shore with Citymom but I did see her again at the Philly GTG.

She came out for dinner and drinks, at Chickie’s  and Pete’s, the first night a few of the ladies were in town.

We left her in the box for a while….opps!!!

But then we let her out and she ate some crab fries! Yummy!!!

After that night, she stayed in the room a lot. Such a party pooper! But she did get some Wawa and some alone time with Foxy Roxy.

Until her next adventure…..

You’d Think I Was Still in Camden aka Codnapped and Broken aka Adventures in Not-Bmore

After the beach Emmy was supposed to continue on to Philadelphia, but I codnapped her! I thought she might want to be around to help welcome another Bosh baby into the world, so I brought her back with me to the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Before it was baby time, Emmy celebrated the 4th of July with my family 🙂
The first thing she did was jump right into the pool! She was so happy to spend some time splashing around.
After swimming, she chilled out on the patio and enjoyed the sunshine.
When we told her we were going to be grilling for dinner, she got a little confused.  She thought FISH was on the menu.
She was pretty relieved when we told her that she would not be the main course.  She celebrated with a beer.  Or two.  Or three.  This cod can drink.
In the evening we brought her to check out the local small town carnival.  She watched from afar, but it was so hot she wasn’t interested in getting out of the air conditioned car.  This cod might be a little bit of a diva.  We convinced her to get out long enough to take a picture.
When we got home Emmy and I had a bit of an argument.  She was convinced based on the size and shape of my belly, that I was going to be birthing a baby cod pitcher the next day.  I was pretty sure she was wrong, but I took a picture of her with my belly for comparison’s sake.
I’m happy to announce that Emmy was wrong! She was ok with losing that argument too – she was pretty excited to meet Benjamin Bruce when he was born on 7/5 at 7:57 🙂
Emmy stayed with us during our hospital stay, and oh boy did she make herself comfortable! First with the baby…
And then without the baby.
Then she kicked me out of my bed!
When I told her she needed to give everyone’s bed back to the rightful occupant, she got mad and stole the blanket.
When we came home from the hospital, things got a little crazy.  Emmy was a little afraid that my wild and crazy children were going to cause her some harm.  Unfortunately, she might have been right.
Ei yi yi.  Did Emmy make it through in tact, or in pieces? Well, she’s finally off to Philly.  You’ll have to find out when she makes it 🙂
It was a great visit! We’ll miss that diva fish.
The NoLongerInBmore Family

Emmy in Lancaster, PA

Emmy split her time with me in Lancaster, PA. I feel really bad that she didn’t see a single Lancaster sight, but I was so busy with the end of the school year and getting ready for an annual girls trip to the beach, that we didn’t get a lot of time to sightsee.

She did, however, spent time with me during my last days as a Middle School Librarian.
image_1 (2)
Emmy also enjoyed a nice Sheetz iced latte, because, who doesn’t love lattes?
The day she came to school she got to help some 8th graders with a science experiment. They were dropping eggs off of the roof in special contraptions they had made. The eggs weren’t supposed to break. Emmy wanted to try it out, but I wouldn’t let her. She got close…
image_3 (2)image_4 (2)
image_6 (2)
Finally, I met some fellow Boshers at our annual beach trip in Bethany Beach, DE. Emmy had so much fun with Lerx, Mando, Eminbmore & Erbear.
We hung out, drank some local brew, ate crabs, and spent time on the beach.
image_2 (3)
image_3 (3)
image_7 (3)
image_9 (3)
Emmy got a little carried away with her crab buddies.
Emmy even met a special celebrity! (And I’m not talking about the Usher look-a-like)
image_5 (3) 
Just to prove how awesome Emmy is, look at how she threw up rainbows!
While I wish Emmy had had a chance to get to know Lancaster County, PA a little better, I’m sure she had a blast spending time with some Bosh Besties and closing up the Library!


This is how Emmy arrived at my doorstep:

Dont’ worry- no cods were harmed in the taking of this picture.

It is fitting since most New Jersians act like they are rough and tough on the outside but really we are all fragile and sensitive on the inside  ❤

Well, what is a jersey girl to do in late spring?


So Emmy wouldn’t feel left out, fish face!

Then we decided to take Emmy to the Pride of New Jersey.


See it is so welcoming and inviting 😉

For starters, you can get a quality education

Or you can go to the aquarium, where Emmy felt at home:

I think she fell in love in a hopeless place.

Outside the aquarium there is a front row seat to the beautiful skyline of Philadelphia, which I caught Emmy staring at longingly:

It was then that we realized it was time for her to go and we got ready to ship Emmy off to her next destination in her journey.

So, we gave her a superhero sendoff.


Emmy Visits Mando

Emmy came during a very busy time in life. We were just putting our house on the market and frantically cleaning and preparing for showings. Unfortunately, Emmy got the cold shoulder for awhile. However, this time toughened Emmy up and we both became part of the Fvck around gang. We tried to decide what our gang colors should be….I look better in blue she looks better in pink…what to do, what to do?

mando 1

After we got done rapping Tupac lyrics, we got down to business! I work from home and could always use some help around “the office”. So, Emmy graciously offered to jump on some conference calls with me.

mando 2

All work and no play makes Emmy a dull Cod. So, we headed outside with Addie and Jack for some playtime.

mando 3

He was a little nervous being handled by such young hands; so, to ease his nerves, we packed up and headed to one of the greatest attractions, The King of Prussia Mall! The second largest mall in the country. Surprisingly, they didn’t have a Cod store. L Emmy had the sad; but, still enjoyed the shopping!

mando 4

Being that I was already on the crap list for holding Emmy all to myself for so long, I had to pack her up and ship her off. She was a little nervous about heading to Jersey next; but, I assured her Angie wasn’t a GTL kinda gal and she’d have fun.


Mandy and family